AW 22

The Autumn Winter Collection is designed like a tool kit, to balance the energy system and help you stay connected through the winter months and the turbulent times we are living through right now.

It brings together a formidable and classic collection of crystal energy in smokey autumnal tones with potent highlights of green and blue to lift the soul.

Smokey quartz for grounding - balancing the energies of the base and solar plexus chakras, connecting us to and through the earth and neutralising negative thoughts from our energy field. Labradorite, brings a touch of magic, an all over balancer, its rainbow colour rays connecting with all chakras calling you to attune to your intuition and psychic skills. The beautiful apple green ray of chrysoprase sings to the heart,  offering healing, hope and rejuvenation. Finally selenite - to cleanse and purify your energy field. Entraining your frequency upwards to the crown chakra energies, connecting you to your higher and divine self.

Made with love

Julia xx