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Malachite & Chrysocolla power talisman necklace.


A  talisman works in two ways. Firstly it focuses your feeling, thoughts, actions and habits so they serve to help you achieve the destiny you desire. Secondly, a talisman is a natural energy and power source. When properly connected to a human mind, it can channel the Universal Life Force to that mind to amplify its power.

This talisman of malachite & chrysocolla with pyrite is one for heart healing and transformation. The rich green ray of malachite resonates with the heart chakra, offering help to those who have been hurt in love -  combined with the blue ray of Chrysocolla which resonates with the throat chakra, encourages inner strength and empowerment through truthful expression. They are both good for alieviating anxiety and depression.

Strung with pyrite, a powerful solar plexus stone with it's golden firey ray, will inspire confidence and vitality and ground the energies of the heart through the lower chakras, down to the earth,  creating a stable foundation for the heart to heal and open again to rebirth and renewal.  

One of a Kind

Comes in a Joodaboo gift box.

Length: 56cm   Malachite centre piece: 4cm  x 3.5cm