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The Heart Star necklace is designed so the centre crystal sits over the heart to amplify and balance the energy of the heart chakra and to encourage heart centred communication.

This Heart Star is made with Vera Cruz Amethyst lazer point centre piece, with amethyst rondelles and strung with fluoro Malay Jade, a sterling silver clasp and Joodaboo tag.

Vera Cruz Amethyst comes from the Vera Cruz region in Mexico. They form in small crystals but run at a higher vibration than other varieties of amethyst so they are small but mighty! As with Amethyst, the Vera Cruz have a very strong spiritual focus, attuning to the third eye and crown chakras, strengthening your connection to your higher self and encouraging psychic and intuitive abilities. They also attune to the heart chakra, encouraging the understanding of universal love and strengthening and protecting the energy field around the heart. 

One of a Kind.

Comes in a Joodaboo gift box.

Length: 52cm     Length of Vera Cruz Amethyst point 5cm