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Shine your light on the dancefloor with the fluoresent Joodaboo Original.

The Joodaboo Original necklace, has three special elements, which when combined offer a protective talisman to empower your energy, personal creativity and inspire heart centred communication.

Each necklace incorporates a heart, a skull and quartz crystal. The heart, worn on the left, holds the intention of love, to do everything with with love, and the skull symbolises the death of the ego, a memento mori, a reminder to live in the moment.

These two thoughts are synergised through the clear quartz and amplified into the energy field, uplifting your personal vibration.

It is made with a beautiful carved clear quartz point. The quartz point is hugged by two clear quartz cube beads and two large bali silver filigree beads. It is strung with fluorescent yellow dyed malay jade beads which zing under UV light. It has an amethyst skull, two amethyst quartz faceted hearts and rose quartz heart.

No two Joodaboo's are ever quite the same. Each one has been crafted with it's own special combination of crystals to create a unique vibration for the wearer. When you buy a Joodaboo necklace you are buying a one off piece.

Follow your heart and see what you are drawn too..... 

Length: 59cm.  Quartz point - 5cm long

Comes in a Joodaboo gift box.