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 Super charge your solar plexus with this One necklace, featuring a large Golden Enhydro Quartz centre piece, strung with electroplated gold hematite faceted tube beads and a sterling silver clasp and Joodaboo tag.

Golden Enhydro Quartz, sometimes known as Petrolium Quartz, is a rare form of double terminated quartz found in Afghanistan and Pakistan, with liquid petroleum in it. The  petrolium encapsilated within the crystal is pure sunlight energy formed over millions of years and is  amplified through the healing frequency of a clear quartz, double terminated crystal structure. 

The golden yellow ray frequency of the petrolium resonates with the solar plexus chakra, aligning your centre of personal power, inspiring confidence and self belief which in turn enables you to focus and manifest your desires into physical reality. 

Under UV light the petrolium fluoresces to create a an ultra violet galaxy within the crystal.  

Comes in a Joodaboo gift box.

Length: 43cm Crystal size: 20mm x 18mm