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This Warrior necklace combines Clear Quartz, and Vera Cruz Amethyst with electroplated gold hematite to create a powerful talisman that will connect the heart, third eye and crown chakras, to enhance the highest, divine expression of your hearts desire.

About the stones:

Clear Quartz is the most powerful and versitile healing crystal and energy amplifier on the planet and is wonderful tool to work with. It resonates with all chakras and is the master stone for clearing energy blockages on all levels of the energetic and physical body. This crystal attunes itself to the vibrational level and specific energy of the individual it is working with and transmutes their energy back to the highest and most perfect state possible. It is an excellent stone for manifestation work as it will amplify whatever energy or intent the wearer programmes into it.

Vera Cruz Amethyst comes from the Vera Cruz region in Mexico. They form in small crystals but resonate at a higher vibration than other varieties of amethyst  so they are small but mighty! As with Amethyst, the Vera Cruz have a very strong spiritual focus, attuning to the third eye and crown chakras, strengthening your connection to your higher self, encouraging psychic and intuitive abilities. They also contain the pink, ultra violet colour ray so will attune to the heart chakra, encouraging the understanding of universal love and strengthening and protecting the energy field around the heart.

Hematite (electroplated) resonates with the base chakra. It is one of the most effective stones for grounding yourself in the body and the physical world. When you are grounded you are more able to draw in the higher frequency energies to work with in your energy field.

 It is made with a Vera Cruz Amethyst lazer point centre piece, with 12 smooth clear quartz points, fanning out on either side and clear quartz cubes.  They are strung with electroplated gold hematite 4mm cube beads, with a sterling silver clasp and Joodaboo tag.

One off piece.

Comes in a Joodaboo gift box.

Length: 52cm