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The Heart Star necklace is designed so the centre crystal sits over the heart to amplify and balance the energy of the heart chakra and to encourage heart centred communication.

This Magic Heart Star features an Clear quartz double terminated quartz point centre piece, with faceted pink amethyst tyres, vintage cut glass iridescent beads, aquamarine rondelles and clear quartz faceted coins. It is strung with iridescent glass round beads, a sterling silver clasp and Joodaboo tag.

Clear Quartz is the most powerful and versitile healing crystal and energy amplifier on the planet and is wonderful tool to work with. It resonates with all chakras and is the master stone for clearing energy blockages on all levels of the energetic and physical body. This crystal attunes itself to the vibrational level and specific energy of the individual it is working with and transmutes their energy back to the highest and most perfect state possible. It is an excellent stone for manifestation work as it will amplify whatever energy or intent the wearer projects or programmes into it. 

Comes in a Joodaboo gift box.

Length of quartz crystal point 5.5cm L X 1.5cm W