Joodaboo offers a range of bespoke options for you to create a personalised piece of jewellery for yourself or a unique gift tailored for that special person or occasion.



Personal Talisman
Create a Joodaboo necklace especially tailored to your personal vibration. This involves an 1 hour consultation initially to discuss your requirements: what issues may be going on for you, what crystals you like and what crystals will be helpful to balance and enhance your energies. When you consciously design your own talisman it becomes a very powerful tool for you to use.



Matching Necklaces
Have a matching necklace with a matching vibration to share with a loved one.
Mother Daughter, Father Son, Lover Lover, together we are one...

    Wedding Jewellery
Bespoke jewellery for the Bride and Groom, choose complimentary stones to harmonise your vibrations for your special day. Why not include your best man and bridesmaids too...

                      'Our wedding necklaces fitted on the day are absolutely stunning - we felt a really tangible calmness and serenity through your clever choices and alignment of the crystals once they were bestowed upon us - stories n all! You’re bloody brilliant xxx.'

Pedro & Claire

For all bespoke enquiries please contact to discuss.