Joodaboo Jewellery is created by artist and Lightworker Julia K Waller, based near Glastonbury is in the blossoming artist community of Bruton, Somerset.
Julia has an exceptional eye for combining semi-precious stones with found objects, discovered over a life-time of collecting, using sterling silver and gold to produce unique pieces with an ultra-modern tribal vibe.
 Julia says, ‘I have a passion for synthesising the talismanic power of crystal energy with the joyful expression of fashion, style and design’. Inspired by life, music, crystals, colour, light and metaphysics.
Joodaboo Jewellery offers a bespoke service allowing you choose crystals tailored to your own personal vibration and style or simply choose from her fabulous range of styles.
 I started Joodaboo about 7 years ago when I moved to Somerset. It is a culmination of everything I have learnt and experienced along my spiritual journey as an artist. My constant inspirations are colour, crystals, light, the healing arts, music, style and the underground festival scene.


I have been a maker all my life since I was a toddler, my earliest memories being with my twin sister making and designing clothes for our teddies. Art and Design was my main focus at high school leading to my studies in Fashion Textile Design BA at UWE.

My fascination with the healing arts began after I moved to London at 22 and I experienced a series of synchronistic events that lead me to a spiritual healer who opened me up to the world of spiritual healing and vibrational medicine. I have been studying all different aspects of this ever since. Creatively I have worked as a stylist on Pop promos and TV commercials, organised underground raves and after my daughter was born I moved into jewellery.

I started out learning silversmithing to set crystals to wear them on the body as tools to help with heart centred communication and to enhance your energy. During the latter half of my time in London my Grandmother died and we were able to choose one thing from her house to keep and I chose a beautiful old walnut cigar box with a collection of her antique beads, amber and ivory from my Great Aunt Winnie, who was an independent lady in the Raj in the 1920's. I love this box, the beads had a magical quality to them and this was my inspiration for the jewellery I would be creating now as Joodaboo.



Fast forward to Somerset as a newly single mother and out of London, I found the time and space to work on my jewellery and study crystal healing. My business has grown organically from creating at the kitchen table, to desks growing bigger and bigger over the years, until I converted my garage into my studio, which is where I work now.

I hope you enjoy looking through my collections, if you have any questions or interested in bespoke commission please do not hesitate to contact me!