JOODABOO JEWELLERY CARE & ADVICE

 How to get the most out of your Joodaboo Jewellery and keep it looking bright and beautiful: 

  • Always store your jewellery carefully when not wearing it and lay your crystals flat to keep them straight on their wires.
  • Pack your crystals carefully when travelling, ideally in a box or a protective pouch. They are strong but delicate.
  • Clean your crystals with fresh water and dry and polish with a soft cloth.
  •  To cleanse your crystals energetically, use running water, incense, sound or lay them over a larger crystal cluster and energise them in the moonlight.
  • Do not sleep in your crystal jewellery
  •  Do not swim in the sea or chlorinated swimming pools in your crystal jewellery.
  •  Avoid contact with lotions and hair sprays.