'Thank you so much Julia for this wonderful piece. I feel it has been lovingly crafted with integrity and openness to my needs and the language of mother earth.  l completely love it and feel very honored to have it in my life.'

Christina Kaye


'As crystals make their presence more visible in the world, it is very important, in my opinion to have authentic ethical suppliers and creators of jewellery and other healing tools.The frequency of any crystal is enhanced by the love the creator carries whilst enjoying the experience of creation. I would therefore highly recommend Joodaboo. Julia has a magical energy with a deep intuitive connection to the crystals and their resonance. She naturally senses the compatibility of frequencies and captures beautiful synergies of energy that will uplift, inspire and transform unproductive thoughts and feelings.  I have enjoyed wearing a few of her pieces and found them to bring not only the unique vibration of the crystals through but also Julia's gentleness and love of creation. Beautiful Jewellery that looks and feel divine. ' 

 Jackie Winters FM BACH (Founder of the British Academy of Crystal Healing: author of Messages from Mother Earth.)


 'Julia's jewellery is truly unique and truly special. My husband bought me my first beautiful Joodaboo crystal necklace with neon stones. A real standout piece that everyone loves and which I love so much I commissioned Julia to make me a necklace to celebrate 20 years of my marriage. This piece I asked Julia to design what she thought would be right for me and it is totally perfect. It is so elegant and reflects our love. It couldn't be more perfect.

Thank you Julia. I am recommending you to everyone! '

 Sara Kirkby


'Joodaboo Jewellery is beautiful and unique. Julia has a fantastic eye for beautiful stones. She made a bespoke necklace for me and she is lovely to work with. I own a number of  Joodaboo pieces and they are always commented on.'

 Amelia Gerrard

'Our wedding necklaces fitted on the day are absolutely stunning - we felt a really tangible calmness and serenity through your clever choices and alignment of the crystals once they were bestowed upon us - stories n all! You’re bloody brilliant xxx.'

Pedro & Claire