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The Selenite Warrior.

If you would like to work with the energy of the crown chakra this is a powerful talisman for you!

Selenite is a high frequency third eye and crown chakra stone. It is very effective for cleansing and purifying the auric field and it can help clear congested energies or negativity from the physical and etheric body.  It's strong resonance with the crown chakra helps access the etheric chakras facilitating connection to the higher self and the divine.

In this warrior the selenite is combined with pink amethyst, a heart and crown chakra stone and rose quartz, another heart chakra stone to create a very gentle loving frequency, encouraging expression of your higher self, your divine, self through the heart.

It is made with a fan of polished selenite points, 3-4cm long in the centre radiating out to 2cm and strung with two pink amethyst faceted cubes, two rose quartz faceted tyres, electroplated gold hematite hex beads, a sterling silver clasp and Joodaboo tag

 N.B. Selenite must not get wet.

Comes in a Joodaboo gift box.

Length: 48.5cm