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The Joodaboo Original necklace, has three special elements, which when combined offer a protective talisman to empower your mood, energy and personal creativity.

Each necklace incorporates a heart and a skull synergised through the amplification of quartz crystal: the heart - worn on the left side, symbolises love,  while the skull on the right, symbolises the death of the ego and as a memento mori, a reminder to live in the moment.

This Joodaboo, made as part of the Divine Feminine Collection combines stones that  resonate with the upper spiritual chakras, the Heart, Third Eye and Crown. Enhancing the connection of your higher self with your hearts desire.

It is made with a clear quartz domed centre piece, with amethyst tyres either side, large Bali Silver beads, an amethyst skull, clear quartz hearts, a large rose quartz heart and strung with Magnesite smooth round beads.  The harmonious combination of the soft, gentle crown chakra frequency of Magnesite with pink rose quartz and lilac amethyst  create a very feminine Talisman that will inspire the highest expression of your Divine Self.   

No two Joodaboo's are ever quite the same. Each one has been crafted with it's own special combination of crystals to create a unique vibration for the wearer. When you buy a Joodaboo necklace you are buying a one off piece.

Follow your heart and see what you are drawn too.  

Length: 55cms. Clear Quartz stone 5.5cm long

Sterling clasp and Joodaboo tag.

Comes in a Joodaboo gift box..